Greetings Fanbuilt Family & Friends



 - A Fanbuilt Chronology In Brief -

They say that good things come to those who wait.
They say that patience is a virtue.
They say that the third time is a charm.


I say…
a FOURTH time is getting a little ridiculous.
Yet, here we are.


As you can see… the Fanbuilt site is down once again.


You’ve all been so very patient and kept your
faith in Fanbuilt alive for the last


three earnest attempts,
three different teams,
and at least three good years.


It is because of your patience and faith,that I believe I owe you
not only my deepest thanks but a complete and transparent,
historical accountof all that has transpired to date,
which has kept Fanbuilt from becoming
fully actualized.


(It’s quite thorough so buckle up if you’re interested…
if not, just skip to the end and you’ll get the gist.) 



(Spring / Summer / Fall, 2012)


- And so, it begins -


- Fanbuilt Productions was Incorporated on Sept. 17th / 2012 -
- Certificate of Fanbuilt Copyright registered on Dec. 19th / 2012 -


During this time, I worked with Mike Bernstein & Poison Joke Productions
to develop the 1st Fanbuilt website, intended to be launched to coincide
with the end of the Mayan calendar – Dec. 31st, 2012.


Unfortunately, this was unsuccessful for three reasons.


1 – My IT. advisors informed me that the site being proposed was a word-press site
and would not support large numbers of membership traffic.
2 – It was at this time that Poison Joke  & their sister company (Everfree Radio) was (quite deservedly)
becoming increasingly busy in the MLP fandom and…
3 – It was thricely unfortunate because I very much liked and respected both Mike and his entire PJ. Team
and a parting of the proverbial ways would mean I would see less of my new friends.
A more professional and amicable bunch of fellows
I could not have asked for.






(Spring 2013 / Winter 2015)

- A new team is formed -


March 23rd / 2013 – Began forming new Fanbuilt team


Lee Tockar – Founder / Artistic Director / CEO.
Cloe Windus - Site designer,
Rees Haynes – COO.
Michael Helfrich – CFO.
Scott Tearle – CTO.


April 2nd / 2013 – Trademarked Fanbuilt name and logo.
April 2nd / 2013 – Changed location of server to Media Temple.
June 1st / 2013 - We Launched the landing page for Fanbuilt


(Choosing a Steam punk / Carnival motif).


June 28th / 2013 – Launched the back end of the site.
Sept. 15th / 2013 – Jon Bailey begins promoting Fanbuilt on his channels.
Oct. 31st / 2013 – I begin an interview campaign to bring on-line awareness to Fanbuilt.
Feb. 14th / 2014 – Fanbuilt has over 500 unique members, in 33 countries,
submitting over 200 videos, 1000 photos, 200 songs, SFX and…
over 40 sites and 500 forums and proposed collaborations.
Oct. 28th / 2014 – Fanbuilt engages Corey Manuel as probationary CEO
and Board Of Directors is formed.

Founder / Artistic Director – Lee Tockar
CEO - Corey Manuel
Social Media Co-ordinator – Amy Rainey
Human Resources – Corey Manuel
CFO – Michael Helfrich
COO – Nikki Zuko
Community Director – Flutter Tree
CTO – Scott Tearle
Creative Directors – Lee Tockar / Amy Rainey
Industry Researcher – Cristina Hernandez
Marketing & Promotions – Jon Bailey
Marketing Consultant – Rees Haynes
Official Fandom Rep. Sam Swicegood
D.O.P. - Joshua Kier


Jan. 20th / 2015 – Increasing number of memberships and content proves
a problematic strain for our Dolphin based platform


(Many of whose modules were coded in Eastern Europe).


Jan. 22nd / 2015 – Myself, along with Corey Manuel, schedule a brainstorm Skype session
with Fanbuilt board & our IT. department.
We agreed upon the following…


- The site was beautiful but a bit overwhelming,
- The site needed to be easier to navigate and streamlined.
- The site would break once a larger membership
began uploading more content and…
- The Dolphin based platform we were using was glitchy and limiting.
- A Drupal based platform could provide more modules and usability – tailor-made
to our future membership of multi-disciplinary artists.


(Here, myself and my board decided that moving forward, we would tear down the existing site
and migrate from Dolphin to Drupal, in order to give us greater administrative access
to make changes to the back end of a new and improved Fanbuilt website,
while leaving our own IT . team ‘less’ dependent on ‘less’ accessible,
Eastern European coders.
All was going smoothly until…




(March 1st / 2015 / April 12, 2016)


- The Demolition begins -


March 1st / 2015 – I hosted a company meeting and introduced my team
to our new site animator David Calderon, his business partner
Ivan Aguilera & their company Animagic, from Mexico.
It was filmed by our Fanbuilt Webcast
D.O.P. Joshua Kier.

March 31st / 2015 – Fanbuilt engages a new front-end coder
(He who shall not be named)

to facilitate the smooth
migration of assets.


(Shortly thereafter, Fanbuilt membership assets – videos, photos, songs, demos, bio’s etc. –
were placed on a ‘Development. Server’ for storage during the migration,
David Calderon
beganwork on re-designing the Fanbuilt website
with a more modern / streamlined feel.).


Aug. 28th / 2015 – Engaged graphic artist, Jennifer Tiles to begin designing graphics
for Fanbuilt apparel,Accessories and merch for

The on-line store.
Sept. 14th / 2015 0 Jennifer Tiles launches the Fanbuilt on-line store.
Feb.9th / 2015 – Nikki Zuko and I film soft launch of the first Fanbuilt Webcast.
Feb. 11th / 2015 – Fanbuilt 2.0 is soft launched, featuring new webcast.
Feb. 17th / 2015 – Numerous glitches are immediately detected
(e-mailing, pass-codes, navigation, webcast, upload, etc.).
Feb. 18th 2016 – Was informed by my COO Nikki Zuko
that our new ‘front end’ site coder was not only,
not delivering the quality of coding expected,
nor delivering it on time,but was acting
somewhat erratically. This was
confirmed via a very surreal
(if not off-putting) phone
Feb. 19th /2016 – An executive decision was made
and I was forced to terminate dealings with this person
and pass-codes were changed to protect
the Fanbuilt assets and lock ‘him’ out.


Unfortunately, in so doing, a crucial protocol was overlooked and the site
became inaccessible to even our own team. When I asked the young man
who headed up the migration of Fanbuilt if he could please hand over
the assets (which I had paid for) off the Dev. Server, he informed me
that (in his professionalism & wisdom) he had forgot to make a back up
of almost all of his coding
on the Dev. Server – leaving Fanbuilt
quite the proverbial Humpty-Dumpty

(a very expensive, broken shell).


My Fanbuilt team rallied.
My IT advisor (Scott Tearle), along with David Calderon and one of David’s personal
front-end coders named Charlie Apps, had found portions of coding from the
Dev. Server and discovered 
that it was not only not done properly,
but would have 
eventually broken the site altogether.
They also informed me that Fanbuilt was being
charged for expensive, original coding,

where pre-existing plug-in modules
were already available.


And thus we find ourselves where we are today.






- Once more into the fray… -


Scott, David and Charlie are supplying me with a budget for a Fanbuilt rebuild
and (after the benefit of learning from past mistakes) I am confident
that (with your continued patience and support)

we shall not fail… we shall succeed.


I created Fanbuilt to be a legacy – the kind of site I wish I would have had.
I am resolved and determined to seeing this through to completion
even if I have to crowd-source to ensure that my team (not me)
gets paid… or… heaven forbid… sell off my
comic book collection… LOL.


I know how frustrating it is to give support to a thing only to see that thing make you
wait and wait and wait. I know how frustrating it is to go to the trouble of
uploading your art and your information (pieces of yourself) only to
have to do it all over again. I know that after so many setbacks,
I should have no right to ask you to continue believing in
our Fanbuilt dream but I am asking… Yup - I am -
if not, for just this one last time.


- Regardless the outcome, the Fanbuilt Webcast will go ahead as planned,
using and promoting your collective genius
through social media, to fill its content. -


We will keep you all appraised as to our progress and estimated time of our next
(and hopefully last) launch. Send out your positive Fanbuilt whim-whams.
And on behalf of myself and my whole Fanbuilt Team… to you, our
fantastic, Fanbuilt family of friends… 
I say… even through the
setbacks, miss-steps and false starts, 
it is because of you
that we have kept our
own faith in Fanbuilt alive… and
for that, we owe you all our debt of thanks.





would also like to give our thanks to Michael Helfrich, David Calderon, Scott Tearle, Corey Manuel,
Rees Haynes, Amy (Zing) Rainey, Jon Bailey. Charlie Apps, Jeffery Wittmann, Jennifer Tiles,
Patricia Taylor, Flutter Tree, Pony Toast, Caroline Young, Blair Peterson,
Cloe Windus, Mike B. & the PJ. Gang, Nathan Stryjak, all of our
loyal Fanbuilt Skype groups, Mo Sherwood, moderators,
countless consultants, advisors and volunteers
for their time, effort, contributions
and (of course) we are
particularly thankful
for… YOU.




Founder / Artistic Director

Lee William P.S. Tockar




Free Arts Network Bringing Unique Ideas & Lives Together



April 12th / 2016


A Fanbuilt Chronology,
In Brief


Fanbuilt Productions Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2012